Hashicorp Nomad Deploy

I think that is important work around deploy all ecosystem in Nomad orchestrator.

There are a lot of good features in Nomad and in Hashicorp Suite that could be integrated with camunda and with zeebe.

It could be used a docker driver(https://www.nomadproject.io/docs/drivers/docker) or raw driver, easily, but there are a java driver(https://www.nomadproject.io/docs/drivers/java) too.


Hi @personrcunha and welcome to the forums!

I’m personally not familiar with Nomad. Can you share your ideas on how these products could be integrated?



Nomad functionality is a subset of Kubernetes - it’s used for provisioning servers.

Kubernetes aims to provide all the features needed to run Docker-based applications including cluster management, scheduling, service discovery, monitoring, secrets management and more. Nomad only aims to focus on cluster management and scheduling and is designed with the Unix philosophy of having a small scope while composing with tools like Consul for service discovery/service mesh and Vault for secret management.

Our organization uses Nomad for process orchestration and Consul for service discovery(& other HashiCorp products).
Does anyone have any experience setting up Zeebe in Nomad cluster(using docker driver)?
any documentation/info would be greatly appreciated! thanks.