Heatmap for durations instead of frequencies

How hard would it be to get a heatmap for task durations instead of frequencies?

My current PoC customer and others before have been asking for that.

It depends on how you define hard :wink:

You would have to copy the heatmap plugin and adjust that copy, as the default implementation currently does not provide an API to configure its behavior.

The default heatmap uses already available information on the page: the historic activity statistics we use to display the badges on the diagram. You would have to replace that by loading the data from somewhere else. That could be a simple HTTP-Request to the REST-API.

Other than that, the heatmap only needs a mapping of activityId to a numerical value. It automatically finds and fills the element on the diagram and also the sequence flows between the elements. So you would not need to change that.

Does that help you?

Camunda v8.6 Alpha4 includes a new chart on process duration. Both a grid and graphics view available.

Camunda Optimize solves this.

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