Hidden Process Variables

We use only the camunda rest api, so don’t have any Java-Implementation.
Our script tasks are setup using http-connector.

Now we want to define global variables like the api-key, baseUrl etc. globally.
Currently we add them to the start-event-form as variable. But then the Variables are visible for users.

Is there any way to define (static) process variables using the BPMN Modeler?

Currently our url-property from http-connector looks as follows:


Hi @Zott,

out of the box there are no global variables available.

One option is to provide a Spring bean that can be used in the Expressions. But this requires Java coding.

I don’t know it is possible, but maybe the Spring bean can be generic and you can provide values through the application.yml without changing the code afterwards.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Ok, many thanks for your response.
Now we have outsourced the forms to our custom ui so then we handle the visibility on our own.