Highlight the decision DMN

Is there a way to highlight the decision with some color in DMN to follow the progress of some process?

Hey @Bhruno_Roan,
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I am not aware of anything like this. You can colour BPMN elements in the Modeler but I do not think this applies to DMN cells as well.

Hi @Bhruno_Roan,

do you mean highlighting like this: Decision Instance View | docs.camunda.org?

I don’t know the details how, but it is possible in case you have the data what to highlight.

Hope this helps, Ingo

I mean, when I run a process for example, my DMN table will decide which decision it fits, I want to highlight this decision taked. (Sorry about my english)

Hi @Bhruno_Roan,

do you want to highlight the rules in the DMN table that were evaluated to return the result

or do you want to highlight the sequence flow, that was executed in the BPMN diagram?

@Ingo_Richtsmeier the result rule in the DMN