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I work on collecting fees and current accounts, we are currently creating a collection platform and I hope to use Zeebe to create a business mechanism that allows my business area to create and maintain its collection process.

But, my business requires something like a memory calculation, for example, all steps and their respective inputs and outputs. At Zeebe, what do you recommend that I do? Is there any kind of export or search for the history of steps of running an instance?


Hi @giovanibarili, you can use Operate to see the exact path that a process took.

I’m not clear on what you need to calculate. Is it the memory requirement of the engine to execute a model?

Or something else?

If you can give some more context and detail, that will help to give you a useful answer.


@giovanibarili as @jwulf mention… we need more detail to be able to help. Zeebe by default sends all the data to ElasticSearch so you might just want to use plain elastic search to summarise the data that you need.


Hi @jwulf and @salaboy,

I need to show my business area what happened to all jobs, entries and exits. They need this to analyze and identify any problems or errors in the process.

Similar to a calculation memory, where I can identify all the steps to reach a result.

I’m using Zeebe with Kafka!

I hope I can detail my problem better.

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Operate displays the history for each process.