History service shows only instances from few days ago

Hi folks,

since January 31st we observe the following phenomen: Until like 11.45 am we could see various historic process instances via api. After that and until today we only retrieve instances which were started after that point. So it seems like there was a wipe in the database or something but when I select in CAMUNDA.ACT_HI_PROCINST table I can find many entries and also way older than January 31st.

In our dev env we have the same branch deployed but with other database and the api gives way more results and also back to November last year or so, not only until January 31st so that we suspect some issues with our data constellation in prod env.

The query we used for example is like https://camunda-xyz.de/engine-rest/history/process-instance?processDefinitionKey=MY_PROCESS&sortBy=startTime&sortOrder=asc
which should give us all the instances from that processDefinition, which like I said does it for dev env but not for prod even if there are entries in both databases.

We updated from v7.13 to v7.16 but that was on January 27th and we had several deployments since then so i can’t really think of any correlation especially because our dev env was also updated the same way.

Do you have an idea? Any help is very much appreciated.

Thanks a lot,