History Time to Live: delete on process completion?

Is there the ability to have history expire on process instance completion? or has anyone looked at have process instance history Time to Live support a less than 1 day value such as 1 hour?

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Hi Stephen,

the history time-to-live only supports days as time unit. Why do you want to delete the history after process instance completion?

If you don’t want the history then you can disable the history at all or configure the history level.

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Hi @StephenOTT,

you can set history time to live = 0. Then the finished instances will be remove with the next run of history cleanup.


I was looking at use cases for using processes with variablesinreturn. And looking at high volumes. Was considering no history for specific processes to save on disk space and db activity. Will just move them into their own camunda instance with history disabled as you suggest :+1:t2:

For testing TTL also we need to wait for 1 day. If History TTL enabled for less than a day also means it could be easier for testing