Horizontal scroll on DMN table

Hi all, my decision tables are increasingly complex, with many columns. Please implement scroll bar horizontally.
I understand that it has not implemented before on the modeler because the specification of the DMN not mentions column width attributes. In this case, the ratio can be a user preference setting in tool.
Mauricio Bitencourt

What would be also nice in this regard is the possibility to change (and save?) column width. Guess we need DI for DMN 1.2 :wink:

This is can be on the same way of HTML (columnWidth relative/absolute) like this:

<input id="input1" label="nonono..." columnWidth="10%" />

<output id="output1" label="nonono..." name="nonono" typeRef="string" columnWidth="150px" />

Great to improve the DMN 1.2 specification! Allways in conformance and sharing improvements.