How Camunda Retrieves more than 1000 records

Hi Team,
As oracle retrieve limit is 1000, how camunda is retrieving more than that based on index,maxresult. ? So what techique camunda using to retrieving when we are requesting more than 1000 records.
Is that applicable for all our services or any specific services ?

Can you give an example of what functionality you’re talking about?

Any functionlaity.
Eg. When we try to run the query in history service.
query.listPage(firstResult, maxResults);

firstResult = 0
maxResults = 2147483643

But the oracle max query result is 1000. right. How can we able to fetch 2147483643 records. What is the logic behind this to fetch these many records in single shot ?

Note: In my project I m using Oracle database

Why do you think that Oracle can only return 1000 results from a query? Are you maybe confusing that with the limitation that you cannot have more than 1000 parameters in an IN clause?

Yes. You are right. I am confusing with that article only. So is Oracle can return more than 1000 also. So no logic behind with camunda seperately to return more than 1000 records?

Nope, just a query to the database