How can configure the process engine to create custom process id?

I would like to have ‘custom’ process id. That means, that all process ids have to start with a configured prefix. Is it possible to give the classes DbIdGenerator and/or StrongUuidGenerator a prefix to have all generated process ids started with that prefix?


Don’t want to use the Business key or a process variable to hold the custom ID?

Interested in your use case, as we store more “human readable” IDs, but are stored as process variables.

Hi Reza,

IDs are generated by this Class: You can overwrite it and register your implementation with a Process Engine Plugin: In this class you’ll find an example how to change values in the ProcessEngineConfigurationImpl.setIdGenerator().

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Hi Reza,

if you only want to adjust the process definition ids then you can override the generateDefinitionId method in the BpmnDeployer.

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