How can i access the fields of a form associated to a task?


How can i get only the fields of a form using REST API? /task/{id}/form-variables REST API returns all the variables that are defined in the process instance but it doesn’t show the varaibles you have to set in that task with the form.

I have a site in which i want to fill the forms with my UI but I don’t know how to access those fields, I hope I was able to explain myself.

Thanks in advance.


There is a feature request for that:
This is the exact same question as Getting only Form Data fields/variables

My understanding is that you can’t right now. I wanted the same feature…

Actually I wanted more, I wanted to have the properties, enum, etc… to be able to build my UI.

You could use the XML and work your way through it, but I wanted to keep to have the form-variables giving this information to me…

Hi mathieu, thanks for the reply. Sorry i didn’t see the similar post… i’ll see what i can do with the rendered-form api