How can I ask questions via Email in the new forum?


Can I just ask questions via E-Mail in the new forum and what’s the email address to use?


Does this help you?

Note that you can only post to the “process engine” category directly. We would need a seperate email address per category otherwise.

Yep -thanks. haven’t seen the FAQ (respective the whole menu on top ;-)). Sorry.

No worries :sunny:
My feeling is that discourse is less of a mailing list. It does work via email but really only the basics.

Yeah - but I still write a lot of things in the train with bad internet connection, asynchronous messaging works a lot better there :slightly_smiling:
Also it is much easier to create posts with pictures and attachments when just using your daily great email tool! But lets see how it works out.

You have not tried pictures and attachements it in discourse yet :smile: