How can i change the default sorting of the tasklist?

is there a way to specify the order in which the tasks are displayed in a user’s task list? The default sorting is sorted by “Created”, is there any way to customize this?
I don’t mean that the user can add other attributes and click on them to change the sorting, but whether it is possible to specify a different default sorting from the system?
If so, can this only be set per user or for an entire process?

I have already found that you can specify and save filters for others etc. via the admin user, but I have not yet been able to find a way to define and save the sorting in this way.

Many thanks in advance

Hello my friend!

You can define the filters directly in the task list, but unfortunately I believe there is no configuration to define the “sorting” globally.

William Robert Alves

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Good to know! No problem, thank you very much.

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