How can I know the next user tasks that the zeebe engine is or would execute?

Using the zeebe client (java) api how can I know at runtime what is the current or next user task that the zeebe engine is or would execute?

I want to query the engine at runtime to determine at what stage is the workflow


Hi @JGeek ,

Zeebe itself doesn’t contain a query API.

You could use the Operate API to query the status of the process instance. Have a look at the docs here: Operate API (REST) | Camunda Platform 8

Or, you read the process by yourself (using the model API) and determine the next task.

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In my understanding operate could not be used in production under free licence so I assume it’s rest api also cannot be used. Please let me know if this is incorrect.

Is there an example code or Java docs of the model api?


No :sweat_smile: But it is similar to the one from Camunda Platform 7. You can read about it here: Read a Model |

I read the model api docs. It seems to be for reading the bpmn file.

I am looking for the runtime state of the workflow that will tell me whats the currently active task. Is there an api that gives the runtime state?


You have a look at the community project ZeeQS: GitHub - camunda-community-hub/zeeqs: Query API for aggregated Zeebe data

Or, build something by yourself (e.g. using your own exporter, using job workers and maybe the BPMN process).

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