How can I redeploy an existing process with bpm files and form deployment?

Hi, I’m trying to redeploy my process through postman but it’s not working. I want to redeploy my process using REST API with bpm file, and deployed forms. What should I do?

Hi @Fahad_Chaudhary
Can you provide a bit more details of what exactly is not working? Do you see some errors or unexpected results? Any additional details would be helpful.

Hey @Fahad_Chaudhary ,

If you deploy the exact same model (XML has not changed) the engine is not generating a new version of your model. So in Cockpit there is no indicator. If you changed the XML a new version is generated and you can navigate in Cockpit between different versions.

Not really sure if that is your problem. Would be great to get more information what the error is as @Alex_Voloshyn already mentioned.

Kind regards