How can we read the data from SQL in camunda

I’m new to camunda. I’d like to complete a task in which I get data from a database (SQL) and process it further.
Instead of providing details in the form, how can we read data from SQL?
Please share any resources where I can learn.

It will be same how you read data from spring/spring boot framework. Refer the following link Get started with Camunda and the Spring Boot |

You can implement Service Task and map the delegate the class in Service Task. In the delegate class override with your implementation. Search the forum as we have discussed many topics on how to get started with Camunda.


Thanks for the reply :+1: @cpbpm.
Can we read the data from the database using JDBC and proceed to further tasks in camunda?

Yes, you can use JDBC for learning purpose, not recommended for deploying application in production.

In order to develop application, use the features provided by the framework. This will be aligned with Java/J2EE Best practices.


Can you provide any related resources to read the data from the database using JDBC?