How deploy zeebe cluster on K8S?

I already know how to deploy Zeebe Cluster on docker.But now I want to deploy Zeebe Cluster on K8S,I didn’t find the relevant documents.

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Hi @walt-liuzw, welcome!

Take a look here:

That should get you started.


Thank you very much for your reply.I have tried to deploy with this github configuration file.
I follow the serial number of the file prefix.But it failed.I can’t create a yaml file as 03_storageclass_zeebe-gcp.yaml.I am using Cloud of Alibaba.

Yes, as mentioned in the README, you’ll have to write your own if you are on a cloud other than Azure or GCP:

Persistent storage configuration is provided for Azure and Google Cloud Platform. For other cloud providers you will need to write a Storage Class configuration. You can copy the 03_storageclass-* files in this repository and modify them for your scenario.

The main difference is the provisioner - which is cloud-provider-specific - and its configuration options.

This looks like a good place to start for Aliyun.

Hi @jwulf,I use the following configuration(03_storageclass-aliyun.yaml file) to achieve deployment on Aliyun.

kind: StorageClass
name: zeebe-regional
type: cloud_ssd
provisioner: alicloud/disk
reclaimPolicy: Delete
volumeBindingMode: Immediate

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Is it working for you? Feel free to submit a Pull Request to the repo and we can add it in.