How do I merge two contexts in a process using FEEL?

Kristoffer Bakkejord: Is there support in Zeebe/feel-scala to merge two contexts? In JavasScript it can be done like so:

const object2 = {age: 35}
const object3 = {...object1, ...object2 }

What I’m looking for is to merge two contexts, before sending it to the worker.

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Kristoffer Bakkejord: To explain further, task 1 creates a dictionary I would like to have merged with some static variables (provided when creating the instance, or hard coded in the workflow).

So in the JS example above, I might have a worker that outputs object2 (JSON object with age). I would like that merged with object1 (name), before sending the resulting object ({"name": "Flavio", "age": 35}) to a worker.

korthout: > before sending to the worker
this sounds like a case for input mappings

korthout: for merging 2 variables, have a look at the 3rd example in
This creates a new variables with properties for both original variables, but you can use the same idea to overwrite properties of (or add properties to) an existing variable

Kristoffer Bakkejord: @korthout It seems close, but not sure it’s quite what I need, since I then need to know the exact values that will exist. I will investigate this a bit further.

korthout: Do you want the object 3 to contain flattened object1 and object2, or is it fine to have object3= { "object1":{…}, "object2":{…} }? I’m not sure Zeebe is capable of flattening a structure without knowing the properties, perhaps @zell knows?

Kristoffer Bakkejord: I would like object3={name: 'Flavio', age: 35}

Kristoffer Bakkejord: Seeing that this issue is unresolved, I suppose this isn’t going to work the way I want it to:

korthout: Have you tried using something like the following, and just see what happens?

source: =object1
target: object3

source: =object2
target: object3

Kristoffer Bakkejord: Will need to try that out :slightly_smiling_face:

Kristoffer Bakkejord: The issue I linked to does mention this:
> Zeebe contains a similar function that is used for the (output) variable mappings.

korthout: Yup :wink:

korthout: I’m just not entirely sure, and if it works it’s also undocumented behaviour I believe :laughing:

zell: this will overwrite the object 3


zell: As @saig0 suggested there you could use feel functions like append

Kristoffer Bakkejord: There exists a JavaDoc for this, but it should perhaps be put in the Zeeebe documentation as well?

korthout: Thanks for bringing this up, I’ll make sure to take a look at this :wink:

Kristoffer Bakkejord: I commented with another example that can be used in the docs:

korthout: Thanks, that’s very helpful :heart:

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