How restore the activity after a message boundary event catched a message

In my case I have two sub process.
The first called main sub process
The second called cancel sub process.

And have a Message Boundary Event that attached to the first sub process.

The fact of already know is If the message boundry event catched the message and into the sub process the main sub process will be interrupted.

For you guys to know what is my question let me put an image

In my case the cancel request need be approved by a human if not be approved then the main sub process must be restore and continue.
I readed a lot document but still not found a useful information for help myself. So I need your help.
Thanks you all.
My english is not good so forgive me if there is some word make you not happy.


What about this approach;
Use a non interrupting event sub-process to catch an interrupt message.
Use conditional events to suspend processing if the event subprocess has been triggered.
Use an interrupting conditional boundary event to cancel the main process.

Hence this gives you the ability to either cancel, suspend and resume the process at appropriate points…



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Hi @Webcyberrob. Thank you for your help. This helped me so much. Thank you again. Hope you have a good day.

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