How to access process data in Form

How could I access the process data in the Text View component?

Hi @abhik049, Welcome to camunda community.

You can try accessing the process data by Spring Zeebe Starter and put the data into a variable and send it to the process,

Then use the variable to be pre-fill it in the form

Based on my understanding I’m giving these inputs, More explanation regarding your context would be helpful

I can use the placholder to access any process data for Basic Input and Selection Form Components but not for the Text View component. Is it feasible to display a dynamic text in the Text View using some process data. The documentation from this link Text view | Camunda Platform 8 Docs mentiones Template syntax but {{process_variable}} is not working

Hello @abhik049 ,
Understood your requirement
Try giving the {{process_variable}} inside a paragraph tag,
For example

      "text": " <p> hello  {{process_variable}}</p>",
      "label": "Text view",
      "type": "text",
      "layout": {
        "row": "Row_15glswa",
        "columns": null
      "id": "Field_0k9xlg5"

Hope this helps