How to add configured service tasks to camunda modeler tool palette?

Hi All,

I have a requirement to add configured service tasks into the tool palette so that we can drag and drop directly from that tool palette. Please check the attached screenshot.

Please help to on this?

Hello @Dasun,

in case you want to provide “ready-to-use” service tasks, I would recommend using templates:

Camunda Docs Ref

Detailed explanation

Also, by extending, you can create custom elements: Custom Elements

I hope this is a good guidance :wink:

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Hello @jonathan.lukas , I just gone through Element Templates, But my requirement is to drag pre configured service Tasks from the left tool palette. So at that point Element Templating is not going to work right?

I have not found good example on Custom element creation yet.

Hi @Dasun,

here is an example: GitHub - ingorichtsmeier/camunda-modeler-plugin-connected-elements: Example of a modeller plugin to add some connected elements by dragging them as a single symbol from the palette.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Hi Ingo,

@Ingo_Richtsmeier I went through this example but I have few questions. In my screenshot, you see there is a service task called OFAC and it has an http-connector as well. What I want is to keep this OFAC task in the left side tool palette and when someone wants it he just can drag and drop it to the canvas can we achieve it here?.

Another thing is I want to change the configs on this task like name, connector URL, etc through environment variables.


Did you got any solution of this requirement. Please let me know I have similar type of requirement.