How to add dummy rest api in camunda modeler to a task?

I want to add a dummy Rest api in a task “Send form to carrier”. I am attaching my bpmn file. Can someone guide me what to add in the fields of modeler for this rest task.
ScheduleDelivery.bpmn (15.6 KB)
If I can’t add rest api in this task, can someone guide me about any other task from this process in which I can add rest api connector.

In most documentation for BPMN, any task that you would call “Send …” would be adorned as a “Send” Task, which indicates sending a message (or package) of some type. Many other tools then give you the option in the details of the send task to indicate how that send is accomplished (Postal, EMail, Phone Call, REST, Manual Handoff, Courier, etc)

If all you’re looking to do is document the process, then using “Send” adornments would be the best choice.

If you are trying to build an executable process, then Camunda has the options of installing “Connectors” and “Connector Templates” that allow you to add Non-Standard-BPMN adornments to your process model. One of these is REST.