How to archive completed instances in Another database?

We are using camunda for various process flows.
We want to archive the completed process instances data into another backup database.
Can you guys help us to achieve this functionality ?

Also when we migrate History data from application db schema to archival db schema and when those records will be purged from Application db schema, will there be any impact in Camunda engine of existing application db schema ?

if anybody has any answer or suggestion kindly reply.



Is there any solution found for this.
I have a similar requirement.


Hi @aasthana4,

one available option for this is to use Camunda Optimze:

It’s available for our enterprise customers.

Another option would be to explicitly develop a execution listener on the process level ( and create some data structure from the process instance content (e.g. a PDF file) that you can put in a long term storage (e.g. an optical hard drive).

Or many other options in between.

Hope this helps, Ingo