How to avoid creation of AdminUser at startup?


I’ve created a spring boot based process application. I use SSO for user authentication; the identity system is read only.

However, I have noticed that camunda tries to create the admin user at startup, and even requires that a password be specified for it.

How can I deactivate / eliminate that? I have a read only idenitiy system and don’t want any users to be created automatically “behind the scenes”.

Any hints will be much appreciated.

I’ve found out that the admin user is only created if its properties are configured ( etc.) If the properties are not there no attempt is made to create the user.

@fml2 how are you using the identity read only with SSO? Can you provide sample code of identity service for reference.

You just have to replace the IdentityProviderFactory in the engine configuration with an instance that reports ReadOnlyIdentityProvider as the session type.