How to call a process from Message End Event

Hi All, I have a process with Message Start and Message End. How do i call a process from message end event?( In Call Activity, Called element can be specified). There is no Called Element in case of Message End Event? Please helpStartEndMsg.bpmn (2.7 KB) Msgstart.bpmn (3.1 KB)

Try following this tutorial. It should help you understand how to do communication in processes.

Thanks Naill. In the video, communication is implemented through Java Class. Can we do the same using expression? And how can we do that using expression. Any examples?

You can use JavaScript to if you like, it’s more or less the same code and can be embedded into the model like an expression. i think i recall @StephenOTT creating this already :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I’ve met same problem, I did it in the same way and everything worked perfect.

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