How to change Timer / Job retry Cicle inside process

I want to know the best way to change the retry Time cycle of an async activity inside the process itself, or a timer definition too.

For example, I would like to set a retry cicle of 10 seconds, but after 10 retries, I want it to set a new retry Cycle of 1 minute for other new 10 retries.

Is this possible with a single service call, without putting too much clutter on the bpm model?


Hi @Mizar01,

Is this what you are looking for?


Thanks Thorben, I didn’t know about that, but,
this is not going easily adapted for different number of retries for every interval.

For example in the docs it said that
are the interval for, respectively, the first retry, the second and the third.
With this notation there’s a way to specify even the retries for every interval?
For example:
R10/PT1S, R5/PT2S, R3/PT3S

Otherwise I have to write:

Maybe a good thing is to create this string with some utils. I will go for it for now.

This is currently not possible, so you will have to go with the utility. Would be nice to have, though.