How to Configure Camunda ProcessEngineDS datasource attributes

Hi all,
How can we configure the Camunda ProcessEngineDS datasource attributes. below are the listed properties. We are using MariaDB as Camunda database.

  • min­-pool­-size
  • initial­-pool­-size
  • max­-pool­-size
  • pool­-use­-strict­min
  • pool­-prefill
  • flush­-strategy
  • idle­-timeout­-minutes
  • track­-statements

From your application properties, under source, you can define all these attributes.


Hope this helps.

Since I only started working on camunda recently. so could you please explain me the procedure to configure the above attributes during the helm installation of the application. The datasource details are given below
sed -i “s| | <Resource name=“jdbc/CycleDS”\t auth=“Container”\t type=“javax.sql.DataSource”\t factory=“org.apache.tomcat.jdbc.pool.DataSourceFactory”\t uniqueResourceName=“process-engine”\t driverClassName=”${DRIVER_NAME}"\t url="${DB_URL}"\t defaultTransactionIsolation=“READ_COMMITTED”\t username="${DATABASE_USER}"\t password="${DATABASE_PWD}"\t maxActive=“20”\t minIdle=“5” />\n |" ${SERVER_XML}

The value what i mentioned is for on premise development setup. If you are looking for helm based deployment, take a look at this example. This is in alpha phase.

I found a way to modify the pool parameters. The parameters can be configured through cli command. Below is the example command to do it


For example, to set the ExampleDS datasource min-pool-size attribute to a value of 5 connections.