How to create a Task that is not a UserTask

hello, i have a problem. Basiclly my System has several Processes and I fetch User Task List to show actions to the user. But now i need to create a Task which would act as a parameter giver to the gateway and proceed depending on the value it gets after user clicks a button. I know that a gateWay has no timeOuts and can not wait until a parameter is passed to it, so is there any way of creating a task and complete it, without creating UserTask type task.
To be more precise: i need a exclusive gateway timeout option (timeout that waits for params so it would forward the process) and i have read that Camunda exclusive gateway does not have it. Any idea?

In picture the needed task is what i need → waits until a button is clicked and then gets params which way it should go. However it can not be a UserTask.

I do not understand your idea: gateway make a decision based on some criteria (variable) set by user task. What should happened if user do not provide data for some time? Process should move on with some default values anyway or you want to send some reminder to user?

Basiclly, i need something else that would act as a userTask. Needed Task in the picture, if it would be UserTask it would work fine, but i am trying to create a state where the gateway awaits for parameters without UserTask in the process. Hope i made it understandable.

You could do that using an event-based gateway.

thank you! that helped! It is what i needed