How To create custom type for camunda User task form


I’m new to camunda.
I want to create the custom Type in the UserTask form,
to create the drodowns using the provided collections.

i have gone through documentaion but didn;t get any exact steps to create CustomType from modeler.
Can you suggest the steps to achieve this functionality.
this dropdown form field type i suggested for just example, like wise as per our project requirements custom field can be different.
i just need the proper steps to create CustomTypes.

Thank you.

One way to achieve that could be to create a Camunda Modeler plugin that extends the existing properties panel. Since the application is using bpmn-js under the hood, this example might be interesting: bpmn-js-examples/properties-panel-extension at master · bpmn-io/bpmn-js-examples · GitHub

This way you could override the existing forms properties.


Hi, did you manage to implement this as a Camunda Modeler Plugin? :slight_smile: