How to define different filter for different user group?

I have two groups on my process engine, one is Manager and other is Operator.
Manager can add/edit filters but operator can’t have the access to do so.
My problem is when manager changes filter example added some criteria, that is also changes operator group filter.
Can i define or way to define my filter specific to groups or users on TaskList? Is it possible?
I am using camunda 7.7. Can anyone help me on this ?

Hi @Jena_Sthitaprajna,

You can create multiple filters and then assign the READ permissions to those filters as needed such that each group has access to a different filter. Managers can then change the filters independently.

Does that make sense?


Thanks for your reply. Yes i got your point and i am currently doing that by assign the READ permission.
Here is my scenario example :
Manger have created filter with criteria with key Task name and its value “XYZ”, This is READ only for operator.
If manager changes this criteria from XYZ to MNP, then operator should not be seeing result with MNP.
I mean can i define independent filters like for manager with Filter “MNP” and for Operator with filter “XYZ” ?
Does this requirement makes sense ?

You can create a second filter with filter criteria MNP. Just make sure you do not change the filter that is supposed to be used by operators. Is there any obstacle with doing this?

Got it, No i guess i mis understood something.

Sure, no worries :slight_smile: