How to deploy an embedded custom form with camunda modeler?

I try to use an embedded custom form in comunda 7. I created a simple task in the free modeler, choose “Embedded or external task form” and form key is “test”. Then i create a simple html form on my desktop and add it to the list of additional files in the menu that pops up when i click the deploy button. I add the form from my desktop and click “deploy”. When i start the process in camunda tasklist a button appeared that says “open external form” but when i click on it i get directed to a location


and see a 404 Not found error page. The url also dont exist in the “webapps/camunda/app/tasklist” folder. “test” was the form file (test.html) and i referenced it by “test”.

Thank you!

Hi @mbrain,

the embedded form deployed to the database has to be referenced as embedded:deployment:FORM_NAME.html: User Task Forms |

And it has to be included in the same same deployment as the BPMN file (you have to deploy the bpmn file and the form together, using the Include additional files option of the deployment dialogue in the modeler).

Hope this helps, Ingo

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