How to deploy flow in docker Zeebe image

I started my zeebe docker image (not docker compose) as indicated here:

Now I want to deploy a flow, as indicated here:

Apparently I need a clientId and a secret. How do I get them?

Hey Andres,

the second guide you mentioned is related to our SaaS offering (Camunda Cloud). If you want to use docker than you don’t need any credentials.

In order to try it out just install zbctl and run for example zbctl --insecure status, which returns you the topology. You can use zbctl then also for deploying workflows etc.

You can download zbctl on the release page (under artifacts) Release Zeebe 1.2.4 · camunda-cloud/zeebe · GitHub


Hi Zelldon. Thanks for your answer.

How could I access the console from a local Zeebe installation?

Hey @Andres_Landa

are you referring to the the Cloud Console? If so this is currently not part of the self-managed package, so you can’t sorry.


So what would be the way to manage the local installation in docker? Would you mind sending me a link please?

It depends what you mean by “manage the local installation”. If you mean manage running processes, then you want to use either Operate (with ElasticSearch) - which is free for development and requires a license from Camunda to use in production - or a community solution like SimpleMonitor or Zeeqs.