How to disable job/task retries?

I would like to know the best method to avoid auto retry for every process/job/task I deployed. I mean, with a single config, is it possible?

I don’t want Camunda to retry automatically if something goes wrong. In my case this default behaviour is going to restart some procedures and introduce more unpredictable statuses in the flow.

I want to monitor errors to see what happened, and submit the changes to make the process continue without further errors.

This problem lead me to think about how I should manage unrelated db data creation through multiple steps of a process and the retries from the last usable activity. When retry is active, even succesful activities get repeated, creating unwanted entities in my db, or generating new errors.

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I tried to set a property in the engine configuration:

<property name="failedJobRetryTimeCycle">R1/PT5M</property>

But it has no effect. I tried with a test process and it always does 3 instant retries.

From what I understand the job is starting when something is set asynchronous, so when an error occurs in the execution of this job, everything will return to the beginning activity of the job. From here the retries will start.

Any solution for this?