How to enable history time to live for camunda version 7.6

I am not finding /history-time-to-live api for 7.6 camunda version how can i enable TTL

Hi @gowtham_m,

History clean up and time to live was introduced after Camunda 7.6.

It may be time for an upgrade?

Hope this helps, Ingo

hi thanks,

i need some clarification, i have service which has 7.18 camunda engine database embedded spring boot application , and can i have another embedded camunda service of camunda engine version 7.6 using the same shared database? will it support running 7.6 version on 7.18 database

will there be any compatibility issue,? so in future i can upgrade from 7.6 to latest version, without database change/upgradation

@hassang any help here

AFAIK this is not supported. The DB version should be no less an no more than one point above the version of the lib.