How to externally terminate process instance


I’m using Camunda 7.7.
I’m trying to externally terminate a process instance so that, state of my process instance changes from ACTIVE to EXTRENALLY_TERMINATED. Is it possible to do it via some camunda’s rest end point?

My main agenda to have these 4 diff states: ACTIVE, COMPLETED, ON-HOLD and CANCELLED.
On-hold can be achived by changing “suspended” flag to true, but not able find way to mark a request state as EXTERNALLY_TERMINATED. Or is there any other better solution for the same?


If you delete the running process instances it will update the status as EXTERNALLY_TERMINATED.
You can achieve this through delete process instances rest API.

Hi @aravindhrs and @shailiverma93

Do you know please if the parent process instance can be continued in case the deleted instances belong to a child process ? In my use case, the token has stuck. :confused:

Thanks a lot,