How to find the health of the zeebe cluster from java

Hi Guys,
We are trying to process zeebe commands from spring java with ZeebeClientLifecycle client and i want to check the health of the zeebe cluster before i submit the command to zeebe.
At present i can see ZeebeClientLifecycle client having isRunning() method which will not given real cluster health.

Can someone help me to identify the way to handle the same.

Is there any listener or ping request i can send to cluster? ,my goal basically is that don’t want to initiate any commands if the health of the cluster is not fine.

Hi @techpvk and welcome to our forums :tada: ,

Thanks to a great contribution from one of our community members, Zeebe release 0.26 actually has a new feature that allows you to easily request the health status using the Topology command. Have a look at the release announcement. It contains a nice description of this feature and how to use it.

Hope it helps

Hi @korthout,thanks for your help,its working as per the need!!!

Thanks on this one should go to our contributor @aivinog1 :wink: