How to get enum values of a generated user task form in JavaDelegate Class?

I have a generated user task form which has integer, string and enum values. I am able to read integer and string values in a java class but not the enum.
How can I read the enum values of the generated form in a JavaDelegate class?

Please help and thank you so much.


write and read Enum.valueOf() is the fastest workaround …

Hi @jangalinski thanks for the reply. Can you explain it a bit more? I have DelegateExecution object and enum id of the generated form is ‘quasi_anonymizer’. It has two values.

  • id:quasi_anonymizer_K, value:K Anonymization

  • quasi_anonymizer_KM, value:K Map

How can I do it. Above given answer did not help much.

Thank you so much. I was making a small mistake. It has been solved in another way.