How to get files form camunda mysql database

I need to get files from camunda database and store locally.

My Process:

customer -> verifier

customer submit form with image, one form is submitted this form goes to verifier, verifier see the form with image.

I need know which camunda table store this form and image details.

I searched database ACT_RU_VARIABLE table have all currently set process or task variables. I see my image in this table entry. I need to get this image form database.

How Camunda store image to mysql database?

I see ACT_RU_VARIABLE table column name called BYTEARRAY_ID_ i think this column store file details.

Suggest me, how can i get file in camunda database and store locally.

Usually files are getting stored as Blob in ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY
(And as you have already mentioned, camunda saves the reference in ACT_RU_VARIABLE.BYTEARRAY_ID_)

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