How to get information about all multi-instance user tasks using sequential execution


I am using a multi-instance activity to create some sequential user tasks according to a given collection. In this way, the first task is created and the next one is created only after the task created before is completed. I’m finding difficult to identify the next task that will be created without needing to look the collection and the element variable in cockpit.

I would like to know if is there any way to get via rest api the information about all task instances, including the ones that were not created yet, but are in the queue.

I know I can get the list of tasks already created (through GET /task), but the tasks in the queue to be created are not returned.

I also know the total number of instances through the variable ‘nrOfInstances’, but when using a sequential multiple instance marker, I don’t know how to get all instances information.

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Hi Louise,

can you please share your BPMN process?

I’m not sure that you want to achieve?

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