How to get the name of the user who deployed BPMN

Hello guys,

I would like to analyze how many users have deployed the BPMN diagrams. I see that there is information in Camunda Cockpit about the source, which is Modeler and Tenant which has “null” value.

I’m wondering if there is any chance to retrieve info what was the name of the user who had deployed BPMN diagram, or maybe if not name, cause it’s not been provided by the user in Modeler, maybe there is some other way to identify the users who deployed based on info from Cockpit or other sources?

Thanks in advance.

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A good place to start looking for this information is to check out what deployments have been made you can do this with the rest api


This will show you a bunch of meta data about what has been deployed.

Yep, you are right, I’ve already fetch the names of the deployment authors from the repo, but Modeler is a different thing.