How to get the values from a BPMN Gateway to an embedded form?

Hi Team,
I have the below requirement, where I need to capture the output value of a Gateway and display it in an embedded form.

Here are more details about the requirement. I have a DMN task used for “Fund Validation”. There are two fields, based on these values, we have to display a dynamic form whether the fund is valid or not? if the fund is valid, then no need to take action. But if the fund is invalid, show an embedded form with an error message like fund is invalid.

I used the following code to get the value, but an empty value is being displayed

camForm.on('variables-fetched', function() { camForm.variableManager.fetchVariable('validationResult'); });
  camForm.on('variables-fetched', function() {
        $scope.vResult = camForm.variableManager.variableValue('validationResult');
        console.log("validation Result is:"+$scope.vResult)

Type is Invalid:{{vResult}}

Attaching my DMN and BPMN as well.
fund-validations.bpmn (5.3 KB)
fund-validations.dmn (3.7 KB)