How to handle this exception org camunda bpm engine Mismatching Message Correlation Exception

I am getting this exception

org.camunda.bpm.engine.MismatchingMessageCorrelationException: Cannot correlate message "my STring " No process definition or execution matches the parameters

even i am handling it like this

try {
// .correlate() this is producing the above exception
catch(MismatchingMessageCorrelationException e){

log.error(“handle this excption {}”, e.getMessage());

need help on how to handle this exception ?

Refer the section: How to handle exception and implement the logic accordingly.

Catch Exception and use Data Based XOR-Gateway

is it possible to do it in code itself than changing the workflow?

If you are getting an error, you should catch and handle the error. As per your scenario, you catch the exception in code, how the process will move further and it will never gets completed.

i am catching in code however still its not getting catched gracefully do we need to make changes in BPMN file as well to handle it?

Hello guys!


Do you want to share with us your code and exactly where you are trying to handle this error?

William Robert Alves