How to Install Camunda with kubernetes


Could you tell me that how to Install Camunda with kubernetes?
Is there any documentam or and suggestions?

Thank you

Hi amarbl,

you can have a look at this article by Bernd Ruecker, co-founder of Camunda, it might be helpful:


Hi, I have tried a k8s deployment with 2 replicas and the engine works fine. The issue I have is with the portal, I visit the /camunda path and it presents the login screen. After I enter the demo user and password and hit ok then the page stay looped and present the same login screen again and again.

How can I fix that, and also hows the best approach to scale within a kubernetes cluster?


Hi @besteban1989,

Could you please try with another browser and in incognito mode and share with us the result.

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I already solve the issue, the camunda portal uses session to validate user, that’s why the requests that cames are being load balance accross the k8s instances.

I added a L4 service with session affinity = ClientIP, so all request that enter to the cluster are redirected to the same pod (sticky sessions). That solved the issue.

In the future will be great if Camunda Portal use a session-less mechanism to authorize the requests, something like bearer tokens, oauth/openID.


If you could share the kubernetes chart which you have deployed then it would be of great help to the community. Thanks in advance

request you to please share the details on how you solved this problem…I am facing the same issue

how deploy camunda cloud on k8s?