How to integrate external data in Cockpit

Hi all,

According to other posts it is best practice to keep the process variables to a minimum and just store a reference to some externally managed data. One disadvantage of this approach is that our operations team does not see a complete view of all involved process data in their Cockpit because (of course) only process variables are displayed.

So, how can we integrate the external data into Cockpit to provide a complete view of a running process instance? Is an extension of the way to go or is there a better way for this common problem? If that is the way, is it possible to access the process instance id in the Cockpit plugin and pass it to the REST-API for the query? Does the Enterprise Cockpit provide more features regarding such an integration?


HI @StephanSigrist,

Yes, you can achieve that by writing you own plugin for custom. How to write a cockpit plugin see 1.
It is also possible to access the process instance id to pass it to the REST API query.