How to make a REST call from a website to Camunda BPM server running on Microsoft Azure? How to enable https for the Camunda BPM server?

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We are a research team at the University of Macedonia, Greece, and we would like to run Camunda BPMN server on Azure.

So, after reading this Anyone can run Camunda BPM on Azure in 10 Minutes | Camunda, we were able to run it successfully.

However, we have an issue when we make a REST call from our website (https) to Camunda BPM server running on Microsoft Azure (http).

We receive the following error:

If we do the same REST call from a website running on localhost,we don’t receive this error and the process instance is successfully created on Camunda BPM server running on Azure.

In the page mentioned above, there is the following note:
“(Most browsers indicate that the page is insecure. This is because https is not enabled and means that the communication between this server and your browser is not encrypted. On any system of importance you would, among other steps, register your company’s security certificate and enable https.)”

However, we open the docs to see how we can enable https, but it’s really confusing for us. Could anyone help us solve this issue? A step-by-step guidance would be really helpful, as we are completely stuck at the moment.

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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if you want to enable https, this could be done in Azure directly (probably).

You can configure your Ingress to terminate TLS and provide it with a valid certificate.

I am not sure where to find this in Azure, but the place where you defined the URL is a good place to start.

This will enable TLS for your connection to Camunda without the need to configure your Camunda container.

I hope this helps


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