How to make pop-up and read inputs from the camunda cockpit plugin

In the cockpit i am trying to create a button, and processinctanc.action. When click on the button it should pop-up and accept the user inputs and use them in function. for eg

//var startProcessActionTemplate = fs.readFileSync(
//    __dirname + '/cam-tasklist-navbar-action-start-process-plugin.html',
//    'utf8'
export default {
    // id for plugin
    id: "force complete task",
    // location where plugin goes and get the location name from camunda document
    pluginPoint: "cockpit.processInstance.runtime.action",
    // what to render, specific objects that you can pass into render function to use
    priority: 10,
    render: (node, { api, processInstanceId }) => {
        // create the actual button with an image inside + hard-wired styling
        node.innerHTML = `<button class="btn btn-default action-button" style="width: 40px; margin-top: 5px;"></button>`;
        // onclick function for our button

        node.onclick = function() {
//need code for pop-up window and accept user input and use them

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