How to migrate processes from the Flokzu provider to Camunda?


someone knows how to migrate processes from Flokzu to Camunda.

I have 4 processes in Flokzu, but I need to migrate the processes to Camunda, has someone done this?

Do you know of a method to perform this operation?

Please if someone knows how to perform this operation, I would appreciate it if you help me.


Hi @mhvz

Welcome to the forum,

Do you have an export of a Flokzu model? I don’t really know that platform but if they can export to BPMN 2.0 that might be a good start.


Thanks for answering @Niall

No, I do not have an export of a flokzu model.

I have 4 models on Flokzu and I am investigating if it can be migrated to Camunda.

or develop the 4 models from scratch in Camunda (In case it is not possible to migrate directly from Flokzu to Camunda).

The truth is I have not found information on the subject, I will continue investigating.

Well for me, it’s impossible to know if you’re not able to export a model.

@Niall Sorry I had not understood, if you can export models of my processes in Flokzu.

Now what I am investigating is how to integrate them to Camunda, to no longer use Flokzu, I am looking for the APIs that I can use or the way in which I can integrate the classes, operations, actions and movements that I perform in Flokzu towards Camunda.