How to Model a non interrupt Event Condition to start an ServiceTask


i have a servicetask. in the service task i check if there is another message from the same company. if there is an other message i want to start a new service task and dont interrupt the normal workflow…

so i added a even condition:

i added a listener to a variable if there is a conflict:

now i get following error:

XML looks like:

 <bpmn2:boundaryEvent id="Event_conflict" name="conflict present&#10;" cancelActivity="false" attachedToRef="serviceTask_validateMessage">
          <camunda:executionListener expression="${conflict==&#39;true&#39;}" event="start" />
        <bpmn2:conditionalEventDefinition />

any ideas which condition is missing?


Hello Hans,

please note that conditional events are currently not supported by the process engine. See the User Guide for an overview of supported BPMN symbols.

You can model the process with an exclusive gateway:

Does this help you?

Best regards,

hey philipp,

sure this helped me.