How to model default sequence flow for exclusive gateway

I have a simple exclusive gateway with 2 possible sequence flows.
I’ve defined one with a conditionExpression and want the other one as default flow.
However, in Zeebe Modeler, this seems not to be possible (in Camunda modeller there was a checkbox or similar for this).

When I adapt the XML accordingly, leaving out any expression, similar to the Camunda example docs, I get an error by the Zeebe engine that I must define a condition.

Is this possible and I am missing something or does Zeebe not yet support default flows?

Hi @grexe,

exclusive gateways with default flow are supported. Please have a look at the video in the documentation to see how to model it:

To define the default flow, you need to

  1. select the outgoing sequence flow
  2. open the context menu
  3. select change type
  4. select default flow

Does this help you?

Best regards,

Thanks, I’ve already tried that, but this is not possible in Zeebe Modeler 0.8.0 for Mac, I only see “Copy” and “Paste” in the context menu…

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Left click the element. Click the spanner.

thanks, that was it:=) a bit hidden, can we please have a “default flow” checkbox in the properties pane?


Open a feature request here:

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