How to modify datepicker-options for date picker (startingDay: 1)

I used in my form this Angular date picker:

I got the date picker working in my embedded form, but struggle to modify the options for my 2 date fields. I wanted to start the week on Monday, not on Sunday.

In the Angular plunkr samples it is all working easily. But in the Camunda environment, there is no Angular controller around my date pickers. Instead it seems there to be only one Angular scope on form(?) level.

  1. How to I get the Angular controller for a date picker field?
  2. Is there a way to set datepicker-options in the Camunda embedded forms similar as in the Angular samples?

Iā€™m thankful for a hint from a frontend expert.
Best regards

Hi @lejaf
Camunda Tasklist uses a bit older version of angular bootstrap.
You can follow the documentation here:
Passing the starting-day=ā€œ1ā€ as an attribute should work.